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Every Model Is Crying “YES” For Whole Body CRYOtherapy – Feat Oli Benz



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

What is Whole Body CRYOtherapy exactly? While most in the fashion industry are obsessed with the latest trends, there is a new health treatment now available in the United States (and abroad for that matter) that is gaining the attention of today’s fashion industry. The simple answer is that Whole Body CRYOtherapy is a 3 minute session where your body is exposed to vaporized liquid nitrogen that will run all over the surface of your skin. The body will initiate a physiological response that you are freezing and being to draw blood into your core, causing the blood to draw from your extremities, which causes your body to pump additional oxygen and nutrients into your blood. At the end of the session, the body will circulate freshly oxygenated blood throughout the rest of your body.

Why are models looking into this Whole Body CRYOtherapy treatment? For starters, the benefits are quite plentiful. Most models have very strenuous exercise routines. One of the benefits of Whole Body CRYOtherapy is that it helps the body recover more quickly from exercise and fatigue – a great plus for a model on the go, who has to maintain a morning workout and run to their busy schedule of the day. The therapy also helps halt the inflammatory process in the body, therefore muscle strains or any injuries heal much faster and with regular use, the therapy can clear chronic inflammation. This is a wonderful plus for models dealing with issues being on their feet all day, runway or long photo shoots.

Another great benefit is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. What model (or non-model) for that matter, wouldn’t enjoy this benefit? The oxygenated blood that is pumped back through your system boosts collegan production to not only help the aforementioned, but also helps reduce cellulite, while tightening up the skin. Last but not least, Whole Body CRYOtherapy will help your body burn calories. This is great for those model mornings, no matter how disciplined they are, if you have to skip exercise that day, your body actually burns 400-800 Calories per session due to your body fighting to heat back up to its normal temperature. There are many additional benefits including reduced jet lag which is also key for International models on the run, and this is due to improved hormone regulation. This is also accompanied by improved mood and stress reduction. This is key for any model because, despite public perception, modeling is quite stressful. Imagine having to look your bests at all times, exhibiting confidence on a runway and keeping a tight healthy workout regimen.

The many additional benefits include improved mood and reduced anxiety. This is the direct result from the endorphin rush that participants experience during the treatment. While fairly new in the United States, there is one clinic that has opened here with more to come, five in UAE and one in Lebanon. For more information visit:  us.cryo.com or ae.cryo.com.

Feeling Fatigued?



By Jessica Sepel – The Clean Life

It seems so many people these days are low in energy – probably because we live in a very fast-paced, stressful world. But when we tired for too long, it does more damage than just causing us to be sleepy or cranky. Our adrenals can collapse and send us into what’s called adrenal fatigue.

Here are my top tips to fight fatigue and feel more energised:

8 hours sleep. Every night, whenever you can. I truly believe if people consistently got 8 hours of sleep, many health problems would be solved.

Go into the SFZ. The Stress Free Zone is a must! Enjoy 10-30 minutes of solitude a day. Try going for a walk, reading a book, doing meditation, stretching or lying on the grass.

Give up refined carbs and sugar. They can mess with your blood sugar and crash your energy.

Eat protein. Have some protein at each meal to stabilise blood sugars and avoid blood sugar drops.

Take supplements. I recommend vitamin C, B complex and magnesium.

Test your levels. Check iron and thyroid levels, cortisol and your adrenal profile with a doctor.

Eat more greens. In your meals and added to smoothies and juices.

Eat iron-rich foods. Think dark leafy greens, legumes, nuts, chicken and meat.

Say no. Don’t be afraid to say no to people and situations when you need to.

Avoid too much caffeine. Limit to 1 cup per day. You may think more coffee will give you energy, but long term that can cause your adrenals more stress and exhaustion.

Physical exercise. As long as it’s not too high-intensity too often, movement is great to fight fatigue. It gets your blood pumping and the endorphins going, which are great mood and energy boosters.

Yoga. Practicing yoga does wonders for your mood and energy too. Vinyasa flow helps you connect with your body and is so rejuvenating.

Drink more water. Dehydration saps you of energy, so be sure you’re drinking 2 liters of water a day.

Eat well and more often. Have regular meals and snacks that are packed with nutrient-dense foods to keep your energy up.

Spend time with people who you love make you feel good. Love and passion are surefire ways to keep yourself feeling energised!

Do something each day that you love. At least one thing – bonus if you do more! There should be no shortage of things you love in your day, but even something small, like taking a walk or taking a few photographs, will rejuvenate you.

Have something to look forward to! Plan a bigger adventure, like a weekend trip, an art class or even just a night out on the town with your partner. Thinking about the event will boost your excitement and can keep you feeling positive

Get support. I am a huge proponent of professional support – from therapists to doctors to psychologists! Having someone to talk to about what’s stressing you out not only feels better, they can help you identify coping tools unique to you. I believe everyone can benefit from this kind of work.

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow – Featuring Harnaam Kaur



By Margretta Sowah

Hair’s a thought.

What if women didn’t shave? What if men did shave?

Would it change the way you view the opposite sex? What about how you perceive beauty? Hair is a cultural divider but also a mode of individuality. Difference. Distinction. An idiosyncrasy. We are all born with it. Long, short. Black, blonde. Curly, straight. Facial. Bodily. Pubic. It is safe to say the hair on our head is under more scrutiny than other ‘attractive’ features on the body. I am a hair girl. I love the confidence you feel when rocking a look that works for you. Who doesn’t love good hair? But, being attractive is not just in our heads, it’s in our spirit.

Meet Harnaam Kaur, a 25 year old primary school Teacher Assistant turned runway and editorial Model. Miss Kaur has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), ‘a complex condition in which a woman’s ovaries are generally bigger than average. Up to a third of women may have polycystic ovaries seen on an ultrasound, but they do not all have PCOS. PCOS is relatively common, especially in infertile women. It affects 12 to 18 per cent of women of reproductive age (between late adolescence and menopause). Almost 70 per cent of these cases remain undiagnosed.’

This condition produces excessive facial hair growth. Diagnosed at the tender age of 11, Harnaam was bullied throughout High School for her odd placement of dark, curly locks. Fast forward to early 2016, Harnaam Kaur was seen strutting down the runway at London’s Royal Fashion Day, an event during the London Fashion Week, for Jewellry designer Marianna Harutunian. Kaur, on Instagram, shared her excitement and inspirational reminder of #EffYourBeautyStandards:

“I grew up watching America’s next top model, and I admired Tyra Banks whole-heartedly… I always wanted to be like the pretty models, so I remember copying the way they posed and walked. I grew up being told I was to [sic] fat, ugly, and disgusting to even model…

I used to look at models and tell myself that I will never ever be able to do what they are doing. I am not pretty enough or beautiful enough and I don’t have the ‘right’ body type. I was laughed at when I said I wanted to model. Jokes on my bullies.” (via @HarnaamKaur)

Harnaam Kaur is no stranger to the spotlight. She has modeling proudly for the Urban Bridesmaid. This body-positive, anti-bullying advocate is a passionate supporter and member of the #EffYourBeautyStandards movement. After sharing her feelings of joy, folks were quick to comment on this groundbreaking and inspirational achievement. Once again, the we are easily divided by the power and lure of beauty in its most relatable form – the human body.

Beauty and Individuality

Beautiful people are always claiming to have no real secret to their physical appearance. We have heard women like Angelina Jolie say; “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a regular person. So many girls look up to me. I want them to know that natural is beautiful.” (via The Express Tribune). The Beauty and Fashion Industry thrives on the creative license of public perception. This means both industries have the artistic discretion to design problem-solving products aimed to please consumers – or at least the target market. This does not mean that what they are selling/sewing/stating is a hundred percent true, but it does mean they can curate through highly organized research and trend analysis – sometimes medical and aerial advancements – to bring together a collection addressing the average woman’s personal experiences.

The problem, or should I say challenge, is to keep open a space for the reality check these industries sometimes need. Not everyone lives within the preferred commercial bubble. There are those affected yet still flourishing under curious conditions, rendering them on the ‘fringe’ of society and pop culture.

When Harnaam walked down the runway she was judged for her obvious facial hair. This is no two-month-late wax appointment fix up. Her beard is a result of a medical condition. Did watching bystanders know this? Probably not. Does that make their comments and shade any better? To be judged and criticized for something out of their control? Not by the hair of her chinny-chin-chin (sorry, I couldn’t resist #FeeFiFoFum… Google it).

“I was lucky enough to walk for @mariannaharutunian as the first bearded lady to walk for a celebrity jewellery’s designer. I was humbled to be the first model to walk and open the show for #royalfashionday with the portrait of the legendary #davidbowie looking down on me!” – Harnaam Kaur via Instagram.

We say there is power in individuality, in being unique. Yet when we find uniqueness that is truly unique in the context it is presented in, we question its character.

To the wo(men) who are cultivating their creativity – whether it be through their appearance, producing work or being an active participant in this movie called ‘This is a True Story’ – remember you are as beautiful, confident and inspirational as you have the courage to be (and if you are lucky, you might even get to walk down the runway to your destiny).


5 Models Who Still Got It – A Timeless Beauty



By Simi A Mira

1. Gemma Ward

There’s nothing better than a sweet, young, freckled beauty. Gemma Ward’s got just that. Seriously, this girl is a doll; she could be just a face or hair model and completely make it work out! From her gorgeous face to girly style, Gemma makes for the perfect Australian model. This girl isn’t dropping the fashion industry anytime soon.

Younger than thirty and first modeling at age fourteen, Gemma has got it going on, and will for a long, long time. By age fifteen, Gemma Ward made her first Australian Fashion Week, and we know why just by looking at her superior modeling skills! Gorgeous girl.

2. Bridget Malcom

Known as being a Victoria’s Secret Angel modeling in bras and panties, Bridget Malcolm has not only one of the perfect body types, but also a beautiful face. Many may overlook her beauty for her body, but this model can safely be known as one of the most beautiful Australian models no doubt. Plus, you don’t see too many red-headed models around.

Interesting to know about Bridget is that she was rejected twice before walking down the Victoria’s Secret runway before being picked to model for them in October of this year. Never say never; Bridget kept on trying until she succeeded. With courage and beauty like hers, she’ll be around for a while!

3. Miranda kerr

This truly beautiful brunette not only makes a great Victoria’s Secret model, but is also picturesque to look at. Though she is in her thirties, this beauty could pass for much younger. Her sweet and innocent complexion draw in all eyes. Of course modeling for Victoria Secret, Miranda also has a lovely body.

It’s amazing to think that Miranda Kerr has been modeling since the young age of thirteen and is still keeping at it! And of course, another very important accomplishment of Miranda is the fact that she was the first Australian to model for Victoria’s Secret campaign, making this model more than ever a much loved one.

4. Elle McPherson

Elle Macpherson may be in her fifties, but by no means does that make her too old to model. She’s still got it! Elle definitely displays the confidence any good model has to have. The fact that she claims she feels more beautiful now than she did when she was in her twenties goes to show that modeling has no age limit; it’s your level of confidence that counts!

But seriously, Elle Macpherson is a gorgeous woman, you can’t deny it. Even ten years down the road, Elle will still be fit for modeling. She has the body, the face, the hair, and most importantly, the confidence desired in a model.

5. Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley is a “plus-sized” model in her mid-twenties known especially for her Vogue Italia cover photo back in June 2011. She was also given the privilege to be the second Australian plus-sized model to cover Elle France, the first Australian model to be pictured on Australian Cosmopolitan, and the first plus-sized model to be photoshot for Australian Vogue as well as for CQ Australia.

Having so many accomplishments and being such a successful, gorgeous model, it’s clear that Robyn Lawley will have a very long and happy modeling career!


The Best Fat Burning Foods



Keeping your blood sugar in check and stabilising your insulin levels will not only get you off the energy rollercoaster (3:30-itis, anyone?) for good, but help your body burn excess fat.

Here are my 12 favourite fat-burning foods!

1. Coconut Oil – the medium chain triglycerides help boost your metabolism by being digested in your digestive tract and are used for energy more readily than other fats. Its thermogenic properties mean that it assists the body’s ability to burn fat.

2. Greens – from a practical perspective, replacing traditional heavy grains with a healthy portion of greens will nourish you and provide you with plenty of fibre to detox your colon and produce a ‘full-feeling’ to prevent you from overeating.

3. Fibre such as Flaxseed, Chia Seeds, Psyllium Husk – is fat burning because it keeps you feeling full and satisfied (fighting off those nasty sugar cravings!) and keeps your glucose and insulin under control, the key to weight loss.

4. Broccoli – contains natural phytochemicals which the plant uses to protect itself from cell degeneration. Eating veggies like broccoli helps pass on this delicious goodness to you! Try lightly roasting them for a completely different flavour to steaming.

5. Berries – when consumed in small amounts, these low GI fruits are a great source of energy and natural source of antioxidants which help decrease free radicals in your blood stream that are damaging to skin cells.

6. Seaweed – is an amazing source of Vitamin B12 which is essential for a healthy brain and nervous system. It also contains natural chemicals which stimulate the body’s creation of a fat burning protein.

7. Spirulina is dried blue-green algae which is known to increase your body’s capacity to burn fat and reduce exercise-induced fatigue. Add it to your smoothies with yummy fruits or take in capsules- the taste is a little strong at first!

8. Lemon – add to a glass of warm water in the morning to alkalise your body and boost your metabolic rate. This will assist your body in burning more calories.

9. Turmeric – its anti-inflammatory properties will help you feel leaner by stimulating digestion and helping the liver detox itself, so that fats can be broken down more easily.

10. Green Tea – contains antioxidants known as catechins which provide your body with a nice metabolism boost in the form of a calming cuppa!

11. Grapefruit – lowers the body’s insulin levels in small amounts and can assist the body in metabolising sugar for energy instead of storing it as fat. Controlling insulin levels will also assist in controlling your appetite.

12. Lean Protein and Fish – these proteins will keep you feeling fuller for longer and balance out our body’s digestion of carbohydrates. As they take longer for the body to break down, small amounts of lean protein and fish at lunch and dinner will prevent you from being on the dreaded insulin roller-coaster.


By Jessica Sepel

Instagram: @jshealth