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How Many People Does It Really Takes To Get A Model Runway Ready



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

Not to compare a runaway appearance with the Golden Globe awards, but there is a significant group of hired participants that assists any model in being runway ready and yes, there is an entourage. Most models wake up, shower and show up to the event. Behind the scenes isn’t a scenario for the modestly insecure either, as most models pre-show are scantily clad in robes. Here is what actually happens on site.

Many reporters will actually count four, but that really depends on the theme of the runway show. Does the model need something special such as a cornrow look or extra extensions? Please keep in mind that there are the basic stylists on staff, but many models immediately meet with a professional who solely works on nails. And, this is way before hair and makeup. Please keep in mind that most models will be on their phones during most of the pre-preparation time with their agents. With this being said, once nails are done it is time for hair and makeup. We are not counting the model’s onsite publicist who is in attendance as well.

Hair stylists and makeup technicians are key to making models look their best before the fashion show. The hair styling team makes sure each model has hair that makes her look drop-dead gorgeous, but most importantly ensures each hairstyle is within the overall fashion designer vision of the show. Additionally, makeup artists provide stage makeup support for the models on the runway.

Let’s not forget about the most important behind the scenes people on the planet. The dressers. Yes, these designer assistants have about 15 seconds while the runway show is in progress to assist in wardrobe changes mid-show and are responsible for every wardrobe change.

While this may sound like quite the easy task, the job actually involves meeting with the designer beforehand and also being capable of being ready for any last changes right before the show. Simply put, the dresser is the air traffic controller behind the scenes at the fashion show. In many cases, the most popular models walk in back-to-back shows, and it is a literal race to get ready for the runway. When dealing with the chaotic backstage environment, the dresser can be the calming influence for models before the start of the show. The dresser normally reports to the lead stylist and they work in teams. One dresser may be pulling off designer shoes while another may be dressing the model with jackets.

Last but not least, there are the runners. Runners perform all kinds of duties backstage at a fashion show. Many fashion show event planners assign a few runners for each of the individual teams, such as hair, makeup, clothes, media, and volunteer management.

What they do is pretty basic … they provide them with cell phones, beepers or walkie-talkies so that they can communicate with each other. The runners can also perform all kinds of last-minute and unexpected on-site and off-site errands. This is also key when there is a last minute emergency. Let’s face it, many times there are things that go way out of hand behind the scenes in any event and the show needs to look seamless for the attendees.

Bitch? No, Model.



You can always recognize a model. It’s not because of the high cheek bones, or the long legs. It’s not about straight teeth and shiny hair. Do you realize how much of that stuff can be bought, or imitated with creative wardrobe? No, being a model is something way more than that- it’s not a look- it’s an attitude.

See, models are sort of like divas except they don’t need to do crazy things to draw attention. They simply draw attention. When I walk in the room, you better believe people stop and look. It’s part of the job description.

So maybe that’s why the world is so quick to judge us; because we draw attention? It’s not like we’re trying to be fabulous. It just happens. For some of us, that attention is not always so flattering.

So the term ‘bad-girl model’ starts to float around. Let me explain something: models are not an over-dramatic reality show hoping for syndication. The bad stuff we do doesn’t involve stealing each other’s men or booby-trapping our girl pal’s makeup. That is so amateur.

Models are seen as bad girls because they have so much power, and some of us choose to use that power for our own interest. Why wouldn’t you voice your opinion if you had one? Oh, right, because if you are a supermodel like Naomi, you are supposed to be the world’s pile of clay that is molded to fit the designer’s wishes. ..

That’s on the runway, sweetie, not in life. Unfortunately, the more successful a model gets, the more she is expected to be compliant.

But models are canvases of beauty and fashion – not opinions. If they were canvases of opinion they’d be politicians, like the beauty queen- turned public official Sarah Palin. So, they should have their own opinion, just like any other free thinking person. Except, how could something so pretty be so mean?

That is the problem society is having. They are paying to see something soft, nice, and attractive, and bad girl models give them that, but turn around and do things they don’t necessarily like.

So you think I’m sexy, you want to see me in all of the things you desire, but you don’t want to know about my drug habit…

Then don’t ask.

I will give you my body, I will give you my smile… but the attitude- that thing you truly love- is all mine.


Can’t Take Me Home – The Backstory



Claire: (Photographer)

I think most people underestimate the true value of the photographer/model relationship. I think it’s fair to say that the general assumption most make about modelling, is that it is entirely based on looks.

Whilst i’m not going to deny that appearance plays a significant factor in being a model, as a photographer i feel the need to express that the job requires so much more than simply being a human clothes hanger.

I have photographed my fair share of pretty girls, but if a girl can’t move, isn’t comfortable in her own skin, isn’t willing to be themselves or open up and share a little bit about themselves then the images will reflect that. For me, It’s the joy of being able to capture a girl’s individuality, her true self that makes the job so worthwhile. I tend to gravitate towards really raw, minimal images so it’s really important for me to establish a strong connection with the model when we shoot. Most of the models I’ve actually worked with are amongst the strongest women I’ve ever met. Working in this industry means dealing with rejection and a high level of scrutiny. To be successful, you require an extremely strong sense of self and extremely thick skin.

Eloise is one of those girls. We shot this series at a beautiful waterfall in the Royal National Park. We both feel most inspired by nature so being able to hang out in a beautiful location and create magic is our idea of a perfect shoot!

Eloise: (Model)

It is important to develop a sense of self that is autonomous to the modeling industry. A lot of girls start really young. I was just 14 when scouted, and at such an impressionable age thought modeling was just about looking good, and started to shape an identity accordingly. However, pretty soon you realize that it’s actually your life experiences and factors external to your looks (what sports you play, books you’ve read, how you treat your friends/ family, the way in which you reach out to others)…. that will enable you to properly connect with people- whether it be photographers, stylists, designers, or the hair and makeup team. It’s super beautiful when you have an awesome connection with a photographer, because it really shows in the quality of the shots. For instance, when Claire and I create cool images, we squeal and stuff. I like it. Now… there are a few final words of my attempted wisdom I wish to impart. A lot of people stereotype all models as silly and vapid. Whilst certain girls get ‘caught up,’ some of my best friends are models and extraordinarily eccentric, fun, kind and smart people. Our activities have ranged from rollerblading the Williamsburg Bridge at 1am in the morning (thank you insomnia), to discussing philosophy and politics. There is a myriad of colors that you cannot always see on us blank canvasses- so you have to go beyond just looking.
See the Editorial – Can’t Take Me Home

Reduce Anxiety The Natural Way



By Jessica Sepel

Do you ever wake up with that feeling of unease in your tummy? That used to be me – every single morning. I suffered from intense anxiety that often felt crippling. And I realized that I wasn’t alone. Anxiety is far too common these days. Thankfully, I’ve developed some healthier habits that have helped me manage and reduce my anxiety. Give some of these tips a try – good nutritional and lifestyle habits can make a huge difference in helping to reduce anxiety.

Solid sleep. That means in bed by 9 or 10pm and rise with the sun. Aim for 7-8 hours of rest each night.

Sunshine. Spend 15-30 minutes a day in the sun. Expose skin (arms, chest) for adequate vitamin D and melatonin.

Physical activity. 30 minutes a day of your favorite way to move your body. I love walking, light jogging, yoga and Pilates. Outdoor exercise is optimal.

Mind body medicine. 20 diaphragms breaths morning and night to activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Schedule down time. Enjoy restorative poses such as legs up on the wall for 10 minutes every day. Enjoy relaxation music daily. Have a massage. Meditate (in any way- just watching your breathe rise and fall will do!)

Have fun! Joy can be found in the simplest things. Treat yourself to a movie, watch your fav TV show, go to a concert, see family and friends.

Acupuncture. This can be extremely beneficial.

Avoid these triggers. Caffeine, alcohol, smoking, environmental pollutants, and drug use can increase anxiety.

Dietary changes. Eat through the rainbow. Aim to have 5 servings of veggies daily. Eat nuts, seeds and sprouts. Increase fish intake. Enjoy good fats such as avocado, nuts and olive oil. Eat dark chocolate. Drink more water. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Reduce dairy intake. Avoid trans fats, salt, fast foods and sugar found in soft drinks, lollies, biscuits, cakes and processed foods (white bread, white pasta).

Consider helpful supplements. Under the guidance of a health practitioner, try fish oil, magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin D and chamomile tea.

Gratitude. Find something to be grateful for daily. Gratitude relieves stress and anxiety.


Website: jessicasepel.com

Instagram: @JSHealth

What They Don’t Know Won’t Kill Them



Being a professional model is something to be proud of, right? Not in my case, it’s actually something I hide. I was always taught the woman’s body should be covered up. I grew up believing that it was something special, to be saved for intimate times or possibly even marriage. So when I first started modeling it was very hard for me to be okay with the revealing clothes and the millions of people looking at my body.

While I worked through my issues, (mostly, because I’m still uncomfortable with going topless), my family definitely has not. It was a fascination I always hid. Growing up, I used to sneak fashion magazines into my bedroom and study the poses of the models. My mom found one of them when I was 13 and began lecturing me on the virtues of modesty.

I told her I was merely doing research and that I wouldn’t bring stuff like that into her house again. Little does she know I am in some of those same magazines right now.

I moved out when I was 18 for college. After a year of college, I dropped out to work full-time. I told my family I got a job in marketing. Most of them accepted it. When some of them started asking specifics, I told them I actually worked in fashion merchandising (it helps explain why I am so well-dressed).

I never intend to tell them what I actually do, because it will cause such an uproar that I’d probably be uninvited from family events.

You’re probably wondering what the big deal is, right? Well, the way my family thinks, modeling is the same as prostitution. It doesn’t matter if we are having sex, we are getting paid to show skin and that is the same as being a hooker.

One time I tried to explain to my dad, who owns a business, that businesses in the fashion industry need models to sell their clothes.

“Why do they need to sell such sexy clothes? They do not. Women are already beautiful; they do not need to wear revealing clothes to attract a good mate,” and then he kisses me on my forehead and walks away.

There is no winning with them.

I mean, I love my culture and my family, but I really wish they would catch up with today’s world. Even if we choose not to dress in the latest fashions, most people do. I am merely providing a service for those who are trying to sell those clothes. If I take a picture in a short dress with sheer fabrics, that doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly have no morals. It doesn’t mean I’m promiscuous and out looking for trouble.

I know this, and I believe that if my family would just listen they’d understand. However, they’re not known for being very open-minded and I’m not taking the chance of hoping that today is the day they change.

I’ll just continue telling them I work in marketing, fashion merchandising or makeup. What they don’t know won’t kill them.

My Day On A Plate – Steph Claire Smith



By Stephanie Claire Smith – Keep It Cleaner

Here’s my day on a plate, keep in mind this changes from time to time as I travel a lot and work sometimes caters.


Acai Bowl – people who watch my snap would’ve noticed by now that when I’m home this is my go to. I usually have a sweet tooth in the morning so this always pleases my palate.

Porridge – if it’s too cold for an Acai I’ll go for a bowl of our warm delicious porridge, it warms my tummy but also my heart as it always reminds me of my Nanna. I usually mix almond butter through it and top it with either berries or banana.

Granola – I absolutely love our granola but if I haven’t made a batch and I’m in a rush, I’ll chop up some almonds and chuck those with chia seeds and cacao nibs, with some yoghurt and berries.

After brekkie and before lunch I always have a coffee, in winter it’s a soy latte, in summer it’s an iced coffee with almond milk.


Smashed Avo on Toast – if I’m at home I’ll make our recipe of course, but it is one of my favourite choices when I’m out somewhere for brunch. I’ll always opt for poached eggs on top and have it on spelt, paleo or GF bread.

Green Brekkie Bowl – more and more cafes are catching on and making these, which is epic because it’s such a delicious but nutritious option when eating out. Our recipes best though 😉

Chicken salad – or sometimes I use steak or lamb, I loooooove red meat.

Snack- fruits like plums, pineapple or watermelon or I’ll make a smoothie.


Fish and Chips – if you haven’t tried our fish fingers, do it. They’re finger lickin’ good 😉

My Spelt Pasta Dish– I don’t always use the same sauce, I do love making a chilly tomato based one as well, that recipe is coming soon.

Meat and Veg – weather it’s red meat, poultry or fish, I’ll pair it with either a salad or some pan or oven roasted veggies.


I allllwaysss have a sweet tooth after dinner, so I’ll have a couple of pieces of 85% dark chocolate or I’ll have some of our Radical Rocky Road if I’ve pre prepared 😉

I also can’t go to bed without having a peppermint tea or two, it relaxes me.

Jewellery – The Key To Make Any Outfit Great



By Simi A Mira

Very few things can take an outfit from “average” to “wow!” quite like some funky, quirky jewellery. Whether it’s real, fake, subtle, over-the-top, bright, demure – it all adds to making an ordinary look become an outstanding one. Knowing what quirky jewellery is best to wear is the key to staying cream of the fashion crop.

Reveal Your Personal Style With Quirky Jewellery

There’s nothing more personal than a piece of quirky jewellery. It embellishes your personal style in a little trinket and reflects who you are as a person. It’s key to pick jewellery that is close to your heart – often you’ll buy key pieces of jewellery to mark a milestone in your life, or reward yourself for hard work. There’s nothing more enjoyable than adding to your look, so have fun with it. Whether you load up on the chunky earrings or prefer a delicate feather necklace, let your jewellery pick reflect YOU.

Class Is Key

You may like anything glistening and sparkly – don’t we all – but it’s wise to know when to stop. An adornment of sparkles on your arms should mean more minimal quirky jewellery elsewhere. Another example is if you are wearing a very alluring evening dress with eye catching cuts and finishes – a hip thin chain would look much better than clunky statement pieces. It’s worthwhile to note that you don’t need to break the bank to buy jewellery – costume jewellery is a cheaper way to still maintain your fashion edge.

How To Wear

There are plenty of ways to wear your quirky jewellery. You can adorn a choker and couple this with a few lighter pieces.  You can always layer up with an array of styles and shapes – but ensure you don’t weigh yourself down with a stack of necklaces around your neck! If you have an open neckline on your top it would be a waste not to use that space to show off a cute, simple necklace. An important factor is also the vibe you are aiming for – this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your jewellery for the day. Feeling punk? Go for chains. Feeling slightly boho chic? Some wooden beads or brighter colors will do the trick.

Earring To Your Advantage

Earrings have the great advantage of framing your face – a great opportunity to show off some beautifully done makeup and a gorgeous hairstyle. Even a pair of small demure earrings can add masses of fabulous aesthetic to your look. Just like the rest of your face, your earrings are in direct line with the person you are talking to – ensure they are embellishing your style spirit and accompany your outfit perfectly.

So Much Choice

In terms of earrings you have a few choices – dainty drop earrings, studs and the ever-popular chandelier earrings. Each have their own benefits, i.e. studs can be worn on a daily basis, drop earrings can add workings of color and chandelier earrings can really attract attention. Rings, especially if you talk with your hands, can really draw impact on what you are saying – from huge rocks to a simple gold or silver band, work with what your personal style spirit is (as well as your budget).


Fame & Freeloading Friends



I love my friends, but sometimes they can start to bug me – especially when it comes to getting favors just because I’m famous. I mean, I don’t go around asking them for favors. My dental hygienist friend doesn’t give me free cleanings… but as soon she needs something, she’s quick to call me.

I don’t get the double standard. Did they forget that I had to work to get what I have? I mean really work. Were they at the castings where I was criticized publically like I didn’t even matter? Are they constantly judged by other models, potential clients, and the public?

Nope, my friends have regular lives where they don’t have to wake up daily and question something about themselves. They go to work and do good enough and get a check even if they aren’t. Yeah, it’s hardly the same.

Yet, they feel – for some reason – that I am supposed to feel lucky to be where I am. They feel that I didn’t work to get what I have, and since it is luck that got me here, I should pay back into the luck-filled universe and share my perks. In other words, it’s greedy for me not to share because I didn’t deserve it in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate what I have, but I damn sure don’t feel lucky. My success didn’t happen by chance, I cried and sacrificed to get here. So I don’t understand why people feel I have this responsibility to share my good fortune with them. Everyone has their chance to be successful, don’t try and eat off of mine!

But I can’t tell my friends no, and I hate it when they put me in that situation in the first place. I mean sometimes it will be little things like, “show up at my party”, and that’s one thing. But sometimes it’s more serious like “promote my jewellery line” or something.

I want to help them out, really I do- because they are my friends- but at the same time I get tired of them asking me for stuff all of the time. Am I so out of line to feel like they are using me?

Oh and then there’s my agent – she absolutely hates when I do stuff to help them. Oh.my.gosh. – when I made the mistake of telling her about the lookbook I shot for a friend, she nearly made me deaf from yelling.

“Do you want to work for free, like some other models? Keep doing these friends of yours favors and you will be. I can promise you that!”

You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal… I wasn’t booked for that weekend, but she said it hurt my brand, and made it hard for her to book me more work.

I didn’t want to make her job harder, and I want to help my friends out as well… but sometimes I feel like I am stuck in the middle of this crazy out-for-yourself world. FML, seriously.

What Age Is Model Appropriate



By Takeira Walls

In 2008, IMG Fashion Asia Pacific stated it would ban models under the age of 16 following controversy over the published, provocative image of 14 year old Polish IMG model, Monika Jagaciak. Detailing Jagaciak under a shower in a wet swim suit, IMG released multiple images to a Sydney newspaper which ran a cover story featuring Jagaciak—questioning if she was too young for fashion week.

Later the CFDA updated their guidelines to encourage designers and agencies against runway use of models younger than 16. Taking a different approach from the strict enforcement IMG used, the CFDA allowed designers to ultimately make their own decisions.

In 2012, Marc Jacobs received backlash for his blatant casting of Thairine Garcia and Ondria Hardin who were 14 and 15 at the time. Despite Jacobs’ response, he made multiple points that challenged the logic behind the dismissal of underage modeling. “I do the show the way I think it should be, and not the way somebody tells me it should be,” Mr. Jacobs said. “If their parents are willing to let them do a show, I don’t see any reason that it should be me
who tells them that they can’t.” Jacobs continued to challenge criticism by acknowledging the universal use of child actors and child models for catalogs and runways, which is of no difference to his use of young models.

Beyond the controversial associations, the professional integrity and moral upholding of the general public seems to be pushed more than the creative freedom of both the designer and the model. If there’s parental consent and personal interest, should public responsibility supersede creative rights?

Understanding opposing perspectives, the issue doesn’t rest on the singularity of age but the territory that comes with the profession. “This is the day that modeling moved from being a girls’ profession to a women’s profession,” said Susan Scafidi, the academic director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University. “There is no doubt models who have started at 14 have gone on to great careers, but it’s just too young to be subjected to this industry.” The CFDA also noted their suggested age guideline stemmed from belief that at age 16, models are more likely to have the maturity to deal with being rejected by designers or treated disrespectfully by photographers. Promising to aid in the structuring of mentorship programs and healthy backstage environments, the real matter isn’t the age of the model, but the conditions in which their industry promotes them to work in.

Exceeding professional opinion, here’s gathered insight from emerging models on age.

@benediktebee | Scoop models Cph: “I think they should at least be 14.

@sierra_v | MSA Model- NYC / MMA Model- Philadelphia: “I believe any age younger
than 14 is too young to start modeling (fashion). Unfortunately, rejection is a big part of this
industry. Confidence, humility, and staying true to yourself are very important to keep throughout
a modeling career. I started modeling at age 16 and I personally don’t think I could have started
any younger.”

@thelittlelivv | Vision Los Angeles: I honestly think it depends hugely on the person. I
never think it is OKAY for PARENTS to push their children into modeling, whether they are 5
or 16.. Modeling is something someone has to decide they WANT and love In order for it to be a
passion filled career for one. I would say if it is someone’s dream, most agencies only accept 16
and up. 16 is a great age to start testing and warming up to cameras, but also at 16 so many things
are still changing because of puberty. So it’s a good time for PRACTICE but I really don’t think
anyone should start traveling or striving to hit their prime until they are 17 or 18 years of age. 1
year makes SO much of a difference. Plus this is the age where you can legally make your own
decisions and learn to become independent.

@yaniicharms_: As a new model to the industry I realized that being young is better. I am 19
years old and as submitting to agencies the inquiries for females are 13-21 and for males 16-24. As
the time goes by I feel myself getting older and not getting represented. Time is ticking. You have
a better chance of being signed at an early age if you have “THE LOOK”. In my opinion their is no
age to young to be a model. That’s like telling a child actor, dancer, singer etc that they shouldn’t
be in such and such industry because they are to young.

@rowenaxikang | Chadwick Models: I would say under 15 is probably too young.

Our Top 5 Most Fashionable Movies



By Simi A Mira

Movies are a great way to escape from reality – to delve into a fantasy world for a couple of hours and abandon the stresses and tensions of reality. Another great reason for settling down with some popcorn and your PJs is to scope out some styling tips courtesy of Hollywood. Here are some of the top movie fashion inspirations that have enthused their audience with their amazing style.

1. Clueless

Two decades later and Clueless still manages to inspire and impress with it’s high fashion and 90’s cool. From quirky tweeds to plaid, this film encapsulates what the 90’s had to offer for fashion. The colours were bold and the baggy jeans sported by the high school boys in the film were the epitome of 90’s California. More than just a fashion inspiration, this movie was a cult hit and is still referenced in popular culture today.

2. Dazed And Confused

Set during 1970’s summer, Dazed & Confused is a massive offbeat hit – not everybody knows about it, but everybody knows the fashion. From the washed out printed t-shirts, the slogan sweatshirts that are an ever popular designer and high street favourite, Dazed & Confused summarizes retro cool. We implore you to watch this film and not want to go and buy some woven belts and acid wash jeans.

3. The Devil Wears Prada

There couldn’t be a movie fashion inspiration list without this title on there. Bringing high fashion to a new generation, the Devil Wears Prada contrasted (and perhaps converted) the grunge-like fashion that was so popular upon it’s release. Teens were now aware of the beauty of a pair of Jimmy Choos and were in awe at the wonder of Chanel bags – all because of the wisdom of this film. The film even inspired subtle fashion changes, such as the in-Vogue style of glasses that were widespread before it’s release.

4. Black Swan

This dark, artsy film was a smash hit with the creative movie goers as well as the avid flick fan. Maybe the sultry, mysterious fashion exuded from the film has something to do with that? From the elegant ballerina costumes to the subtle accessories that accompanied them – the style was graceful and memorable.

5. Pulp Fiction

An iconic classic that many people cite as their favourite film of all time. Bursting with wearable fashion, nostalgia and and urge to be Uma Thurman, this film really should be on your “must watch” list if you haven’t already seen it. Cool cotton dresses, laid-back denim shirts, bang-on-tend bomber jackets and Uma Thurman’s well-fitting wardrobe, this film will have you hitting the rewind button.

And that concludes our Top 5 Most Fashionable Movies. From grunge to high fashion – who’s style will you be taking inspiration from?